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This is a Celtic cultural corner of the world. Here you will find information about Celtic history, culture and folklore, and the products displayed may include works of fiction, non-fiction, images, crafts, and other items. Also, we strive to promote the works of those with Celtic ancestry.

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Below are some of the contemporary Celtic flags from different countries, provinces, counties, islands, and regions that will be represented on this site.

Celtic Flags of the West.
                      Flag names from Left to Right:
                      Saltire Flag of St. Patrick - Northern Ireland
                      The Red Dragon Flag of Wales
                      Flag of the Isle of Man - Manx Flag
                      Saltire Flag of St. Andrew - Scotland
                      St. Piran's Flag - Cornwall
                      The Tricolor Flag - France
                      The Tricolor Flag - Republic of Ireland.    

Thistle of Scotland.